Soul Healing, Spiritual Growth & Potential

Richard D. Martin has completed 6 Shamanic Practitioner Programs, 4 Advanced Practitioners: 3 Shamanic Counselling Certification & Supervision, 2 Shamanic Practitioner Training, OBOD’s Bard & Ovate Training and he is now steadily progressing through the Druid Grade, NLP Shamanics Training.  He works both traditionally and non-traditionally and incorporates holistic coaching, nlp mind coaching, metaphysical science, conscious channeling & transpersonal therapy with his shamanic practice.

Richard D. Martin has been working privately with clients for 20 years and leading healing & channelling circles and workshops for 12 years. He was the resident healer in the House of Healing in Belfast City Centre

Each appointment is online and can be empowering, deeply transformative and healing.

Trauma Healing
Solution Focused Brief Therapy
Soul Retrieval
Release Blocked Energy
Retrieve Power back from a person, place or event
Collapse Negative Energy
Personal & Spiritual Empowerment
Create a Personal Mission Statement
Move from Contracted to Expanded Awareness in an area
Deep Energy Healing
Connect with Power Animals, Spirit Helpers & Teachers
Learn from the Elements & Four Directions
Strengthen Your Inner Healer
Past Life Healing
Awaken Deeper Self Knowledge & Wisdom
Open to your Intuitive Flow
Move Towards Wholeness
Holistic Alignment
Meet with Your Ancestors
Healing for Your Inner Child
Attune to Higher Guides, Ascended Masters, God/Goddess
Align with Future Timelines
Tarot Guidance
Connect with the Earth and Nature Spirits
Open to Channeling
Embody Your Spiritual Inner Presence
Grow in Mystical Awareness
Expand into Your Highest Identity
Grow in your Self-Esteeming & Self Confidence
Create Well Formed Goals with Multiple Outcomes

– Not all appointments are the same and experiences may vary –

Private Online Appointments Available

Focusing on healing and growth