“I have known Richard for the past 12 years, his work, his reputation and enthusiasm has grown in his popularity and demands for his work and skill in helping people recover from fears, changing peoples thoughts from negative to positive. His joyful character helps you feel relaxed and easily open to with problems or uncertainties in life. Richard is multi talented and has many gifts on offer, his work doing his NLP Coaching has been off great benefit to myself, changing stressful situations into calm, assertive decision making. His work at one to one readings are excellent, you will benefit from his years of training and skills in helping you connect to loved ones or guidance in life. Richard’s work is to be experience to reap the rewards in your life.  I’ve used his services many times and I have been delighted in the results. I would highly recommend him.”
Angela Dunlop –  International Psychic Medium.


“Richard, Thank you so much.
I feel a lot lighter with more direction in my Life. ” – Charlotte Henderson – Local Business Woman & Medium


“Richard has always provided an amazing eye opening experience any time I have been coached. I feel Richard gets right to the core depth of the matter and has provide excellent tools for me during and after ward time and time again, particularly to move forward with my life. I definitely recommend if you want to change your life and change your mind with ease, I  have had numerous sessions over the last few years with Richard and wouldn’t go anywhere else now.” – Shelly  Burke – Local Business Woman, Healer and Psychic Medium


“Richard D. Martin exemplifies the qualities and attributes required to be a top class Life and Business Coach. His continuous pursuit of excellence, his professional 

playfulness and his spiritual acumen add great depth and range to an already 
well established NLP skill set. If you are looking for a Coach to get results, 
look no further.”
 Brian Colbert Master Trainer of NLP & Author of From Ordinary to Extraordinary


“Richard D. Martin is an excellent coach. He intuitively understands what it takes to help people make changes and overcome the limits that holds them back. His extensive research and experience in working with people will ensure that he can help you get over your problem, quickly. I highly recommend Richard as a skilled, knowledgeable and effective life and business coach.”

– Owen Fitzpatrick, Author of The Charismatic Edge


“I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a few aspects of Richards work. Both his Shamanic work and his private readings. The fantastic accuracy in his readings is matched by his sensitivity, empathy and genuine desire to help. The readings I’ve had have always been beyond what i had hoped for. With the Shamanic sessions, his depth of understanding, knowledge and healing abilities make his work incredibly powerful and transformational. Ive had both a Shamanic healing session and a soul retrieval. There were massive shifts and improvements in my life following these sessions. A true healer with a massive heart and an even bigger ability.”

Anna Gray – Counsellor

                          “This medium and shamanic healer is awesome” – Siobhan Johnson – Counsellor and healer 

“This was a thoroughly enjoyable coaching and Richard is a great teacher who has a way of 


making you feel welcome and comfortable. I would say this was the first coaching where I really connected with myself, learning more about myself while leaving me with a bit more faith in my ability to trust my own intuition. Richard introduced me to different methods of going inward and connecting with myself, the divine, including shamanic techniques that were really effective. I would recommend his coaching and as a teacher, to anyone who is interested in learning how to use their intuition and just have more fun exploring what’s out there, or in there in a useful light hearted way.”
– Kriss Stewart, Business Woman


“Dear Richard, I have found it necessary to write to you to show my gratitude for your support over the last months. I am stronger now than I have ever been and my outlook is extremely bright, your patience and understanding during the time you have spent counselling and coaching me, have been invaluable. I will most certainly be recommending you to others in need. You have a natural ability to heal with your passion and words. This guy is amazing! He changed my life in  such a positive way  a true inspiration. Check him out. “Kindest wishes Dawn Evans Spiritualist Medium Whitstable, Kent


“Richard is without doubt one of the most 
philanthropic and inspirational practitioners I have encountered. As acute and 
skilled a mentor you are likely to find. Richard has the enthusiasm, vitality 
and skill to effect real positive change for you now!”
– Jonathan McGookin, Newtonabbey. Managing Director of Hypnosis 


“As a national level competitor in judo and brazilian jiu jitsu I approached Richard for help with focusing for fights, an area in which I was deficient in the past. I competed the day after the session and won gold and have remained unbeaten in competition since”
– Rory Magill Queens University Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach and Competitor


 “Richard helped me to relax & increase my focus on the day when I was sitting the third part of my Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) Examination. Richard has helped me enormously in passing my exams. He has a tremendous ability to help you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. I have recommended Richard to my students which he has helped them achieve their goal of passing their driving test, first time. I highly recommend Richard” Laurence O’Neill ADI (approved driving instructor

I would highly recommend doing a power animal retrieval with Richard D. Martin. I had an amazing journey, and connected with the animal I least expected but most needed. It was truly enjoyable and very beneficial.
Thank you so much.
Pippa Grey – Belfast


  “My shamanic healing session with Richard was very powerful and insightful. I knew I had fear about releasing some of the emotions/trauma which I had buried deep within myself which had become stagnant and blocked but Richard made me feel safe and very comfortable. He is a truly wonderful, loving soul. Throughout the session I could feel the blocked energy moving to be released, I felt alive for the first time in ages! After the session he sat and talked with me about my power animals and what was going on with me and he was very accurate. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of my shamanic healing but it didn’t end there, a few days later I had deep profound revelations about myself and my current situation along with much needed emotional release which have been empowering and I am once again feeling I am able to move forward in my life and make necessary changes. I am so thankful and grateful for everything that occurred and will definitely be returning to Richard for more shamanic healing.I wrote what I experienced honestly from my heart you are truly a wonderful loving soul Richard and you have helped me more than you know I am forever thankful and grateful.”
Melissa Jane Loveday – Belfast

“I have experienced various modalities of healing, non have been so uplifting and joyful as the healing and coaching I experienced with Richard. It was like a ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air and Very Effective.
Thank You, Richard.”
Anne Marie, Holistic Therapist.


I am so happy and privileged to have had such a powerful healing with you. I woke up at 4 am two nights ago, after falling back asleep I had an incredible outer body experience and my guides (I think) healed me. my connection is solid and getting stronger. I am meditating most days and taking baby steps to exercising and getting back in flow. I look forward to seeing again soon. thank you. – Phil Molloy, Hypnotherapist & Martial Arts Enthusiast


“Hey Richard, I’m contacting to let you know that the treatment I had with you last summer for the elevator / lift phobia has worked 100%. I’ve been travelling for eight months now and I have been using lifts since. I’ve even gone up some of the tallest buildings on my travels (Dubai, Bangkok)  The most recent one being the sky tower in Auckland, New Zealand. Thank you very much for the help, it has made a huge difference in my life and has enabled me  to enjoy my trip much more than I would have.”
Shane, Accountant

As I lay on the treatment table I was excited and a little apprehensive, yet I shouldn’t have been as Richard had explained the whole procedure.This was my first Shamanic healing session. The apprehension soon left as Richard commenced the healing. I felt a wonderful sensation of being enveloped in a cloud of love and compassion. As the healing continued I felt more and more relaxed and surrended my worries and stresses. I drifted  into a state of complete relaxation feeling cocooned .A wonderful experience to be recommended. I was very impressed with Richards professionalism , true warmth and compassion.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Richard for the amazing Shamanic treatment and would throughly recommend a healing session as Richard genuinely cares for his clients”
Eleanor – Retired Nurse & Reiki Teacher

“A Great healer, a Great coach… Highly recommend Richard D. Martin”
Fiona Stewart Williams – Ireland’s leading Psychic and Spiritualist Medium

“Thank you Richard for the most interesting and informative reading, I was infused with light, bright energy all day and I am still glowing. Purest Gold you are.”
Deirdre, Inspirational Artist – Australia

“Richard Martin knows his stuff.
I have attended many stress management courses and none of them have produced the
results I have experienced with Richard’s 1 2 1 results coaching His
sense of humour, creativity and sound influence make him, in my opinion, a top coach.”
B. Jones Solicitor. Belfast

“Richard is NOT  your average Coach.”
– Lorraine Killeen, Massage Therapist

“I went to see Richard for help with confidence.
He taught me to believe that I was already confident and he was right.
I was confident and now I am a confident person.”
P. White Bangor

“Richard helped me to calm down and relax.
With his help I stopped being nervous. I used to suffer from anxiety,
I just practice what Richard has taught me and I feel like a new person.
Thank You Richard.”
Andrea Brown,
Restaurant Supervisor, Belfast

“Just amazing, thanks so much. Richard helped me to be more directive in my career and as I currently train for the European Championships in swimming and have to balance it with my University, Richard helped me to realise where I should spend more time at and what is more important to me. This will stay with me for a very long time, it was definitely worth it! Thank you again Richard.”
Siad L. Belfast

 “Richard was recommended to me by a friend of my daughter’s during a conversation. My husband had been suffering from a massive trauma in his life, resulting in epileptic-like seizures. These went on for a period of almost four years. Numerous trips to a neurologist, epilepsy medication and many sessions with a trauma counsellor did nothing to alleviate his ‘turns’, which would see him freeze, twitch and have memory loss. At one point, he was taking up to thirty seizures per day.
My husband was sceptical, but he went along to see Richard for my sake – as a last resort. The session lasted almost two hours, after which, my husband walked out and surprisingly said, ‘I feel like a weight’s been lifted.’ He couldn’t believe how settled he’d felt, and he continued to talk about the session for some time.
The turns rapidly declined until eventually ceasing altogether a few weeks after the session. I honestly don’t know how to express my gratitude, so thank you Richard for giving me my husband back! “
J Fullerton

Richard’s Coaching sessions are brilliant and deeply transformative. He is very creative and precise with guiding you to experience your inner connection and will have you feeling empowered and inspired. I am more at peace with myself now than I’ve ever been. – D. P. Belfast

“the mediumship coaching with Richard helped me relax deeply as I communicated with the spirit and I realised how natural being in my power really is, I’ve discovered a calming confidence in my way of talking and connecting with people too. What brought it all together was awakening to the deepest value in myself as an individual and as a developing psychic medium. Im taking control of my life and my mediumship. I am trusting more in my private readings and accepting opportunities to build even more confidence for demonstrating in public.” – Michelle Spindlow
“Hi Richard , Firstly Thank You for taking time with me. It has really helped me. I feel much better in my own skin and have learned to like myself ( warts & all ) . My self confidence is stronger. The best thing happened on Monday night . Had the usual sinking feeling in my stomach but I remembered the exercise You did with me last Saturday and it worked . That horrible feeling went away and I felt light and happy . Also U did well in class. Just trusted my intuition and went with it Yay. Gave two very good readings as well. So Many Thanks got helping me though I would like follow up coaching if that’s ok.” – Anne McCallum